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Christian Devotional for March 19, 2000

Facing the Future and Being Prepared


The Situation – Joshua and the Israelites are ready to cross the Jordan.

Have you ever crossed a “River” in your life?

Were you prepared?

Four Ways to be Prepared for the Future

·         How do you prepare for the future?

·         Read Joshua 3:5

·         Why is it so important to be consecrated to God and why?

1.       Consecrate yourself to God in order to serve Him.

·         Think of the last challenge in your life.  How did that challenge turn out?  Were you consecrated to God?

·         Read Joshua 4:20-24

·         How do you remember what God has done in your life?

·         How does that help you prepare for the future?

·         Remembrance Ideasopen Bible, pictures, shadow box, a small circle of stones

2.       Remember what God has done.  God is the one and only God.

·         Is it easy to forget who you are?

·         Do you ever seek to be like the world around you?

·         Read Joshua 5:8-10

3.     Confirm your identity as a child of God.

·         Can you recall a time God strengthened you to serve Him by reminding you that He is Lord over your life?

·         Read Joshua 5:13-15

4.     Seek God and He will assure you of the future through His presence and power.

·         The last question is this: Are you ready to take your sandals off? (Joshua 5:15)


·         The last question is this: Are you ready to take your sandals off? (Joshua 5:15)

·         We must be ready and willing to serve where God would have us serve.  We are His missionaries.

·         Read Psalms 3:3-4


Next Week – Personal Victory

1.       Read Joshua 6:1 – 9:27

2.       If you had been an Israelite, how might you have reacted to God’s plan to take Jericho?

3.       Have you experienced God’s bringing about a victory in your life through some unusual means?

4.       How has your life been affected by the sins of other people?

5.       Have you ever deliberately disobeyed God’s instructions? What happened?

6.       In what ways do you express worship when you are moved by God’s great work in your life?

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