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Christian Devotional for March 12, 2000

Facing the Future: Going in Courage


Joshua - The chosen leader of Israel to lead into the promised land.

The Book of Joshua

Purpose: A witness to Godís faithfulness in keeping His promises.  Reveals Godís ways and character.

Themes: (1) Godís faithfulness, (2) Godís Power, (3)Godís Desire to bless His people, (4) Godís call for obedience.

How do you face the future?  Do you ever fear the future?

Five Steps to Facing the Future in Courage

         Do you believe that wherever you go that God has prepared a place for you?

         Read Joshua 1:1-6

1.    Realize God has a plan.  Where your feet tread God has already prepared a path.

2.       Remember God is faithful.

         Has God made any promises to you that have given you courage to face great tasks?

         When Challenges come is it easy to forget your mission? What stands in your way?

         Read Joshua 1:12-13

3.     God will reassure.  We must follow and also reassure.

         Can someone tell if God is leading when there are not struggles in your life?

4.     Through our struggles God reveals Himself to others.

         Is it difficult to view success at the beginning of a task?

5.     God will always give us a view of success through His deliverance.


         What must we do then to face the future?

         Have faith in Godís ways and Godís power and proclaim these things through our actions and speech.

         Read Psalms 97:1-6


Next Week

1.       Read Joshua 3:1 through 5:15

2.       How do you prepare for the future?

3.       Is it important to be consecrated to God and why?

4.       How do you remember what God has done in your life?  How does that help you prepare for the future?

5.       In what ways has God changed your situation so you might serve him more effectively?

6.       If God humbles you does it give your more strength to serve him?

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